Mission Statement

"It is my deep belief, that every situation can be improved by accessing our own powers and by inviting the divine. I belief, that every being has a gift - a medicine - to share with the world.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to improve their lives and re-empower themselves.

My medicine for you: Bringing understanding, humour, ease and light even to dark places. Re-connection with your spiritual roots, re-empowering.

My toolbox for you, fully loaded and ready: Rainbow Reiki® and more.

Reiki promotes all life processes. So, let's live!"

Rainbow Reiki® is a complete toolbox loaded with powerful instruments. Are you ready to transform your life?

The Rainbow Reiki® toolkit is fully equipped with trouble-shooting instruments. With information that will actually help you understand yourself and your life. Rainbow Reiki® reactivates the power that you need to shape your future and decide your fate...


Reiki / Rainbow Reiki®

In 1922 the Japanese scholar Mikao Usui rediscovered a comprehensive method of healing and personality development in ancient Sanskrit writings about Esoteric Buddhism. This method is based on the  transfer of a special form of energy - Reiki AKA Spiritual Life Energy - from person to person. By means of special attunement rituals, the ability to use Reiki safely and effectively for healing can be permanently awakened.

Rainbow Reiki® includes Traditional Reiki according to Mikao Usui and other methods based on it. In fact, 98% of Rainbow Reiki® training contents are special or even proprietary and can't be found in Traditional Usui Reiki.


Whether you want to totally turn your life around or just give yourself a big boost... The 1st Degree is a Gamechanger!


The 1st Degree of Rainbow Reiki® is available as a  Webinar.  You have my  Guarantee  that after only  Two Days  you will have the following range of options:


  • Give Reiki to yourself
  • Give Reiki to others 
  • Give Reiki in large quantities to groups of people by using proprietary Rainbow Reiki® techniques
  • Do intensive Rainbow Reiki® meditations
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Or help others to achieve it
  • Activate self-healing powers in a general or specific manner
  • Balance yourself and others
  • Using Reiki quick-fixes on many problems that would make others cry for help
  • Faster problem-solving on underlying issues
  • It can be a way of spiritual awakening, love & enlightenment
  • Physical and emotional cleansing
  • Healing with the Medicine Buddha
  • Easing many kinds of pain
  • 1000 creative, fun ways to improve overall health
  • ...

For this you can use your hands and / or your mind. Proprietary Rainbow Reiki® techniques make it easy to supply even large groups with powerful * wonderful * relaxing whole-body treatments.


"To every solution there is a problem." (Israeli Joke)


  • You can book 1:1 sessions with me
  • Or you can learn how to do it yourself
  • You can do single seminars 
  • Or even book complete professional Rainbow Reiki® trainings
  • There are the basics
  • Then there are advanced seminars
  • There's Energetic Acupuncture
  • And Ranbow Feng Shui
  • We have energetic spine correction
  • Energetic clearings
  • Kundalini techniques
  • And so much more to discover!

   Next Webinar on July 4th / 5th 2020      


The Rainbow Reiki® Guarantee


It's a 2-day course. All Rainbow Reiki skills will be available to you lifelong and guaranteed. This guarantee is made possible by the correct execution of all traditional attunements taking place during the course. This saves you decades of meditation in some dank cave trying to find what has already been rediscovered and is being offered to you.

There will be online follow-up sessions that you can optionally attend in order to ask questions, share your experiences, get healing, meet friends. The course manual is comprehensive and includes many exercises, explanations and background info. There's also a universe of Rainbow Reiki® webinars, vidoes, literature and events. If you wish, you can build on your your 1st Degree. You have options ...

The Webinar format is Zoom-based. You will need a computer and good internet in order to join in. This allows you to be a part of this life-changing event from wherever you live!

By the way:  Rainbow Reiki® is a protected trademark. The unique licensed training programme for Rainbow Reiki® teachers guarantees the high standard of education in all Rainbow Reiki® courses everywhere.