What Reiki is and how it can help you become more...YOU!

Application examples

  • Health
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Boosting Powers of self-healing
  • Boosting Forces of self-regulation
  • Regeneration
  • Effective Meditation
  • Mental Balance
  • Development of your true Talents
  • Fortifying the Center
  • Reduction of Anxiety
  • Good "Letting-go-practice"
  • Supporting your Children
  • Helping Friends, Family, Clients
  • Building financial Independence
  • Make your current work even better / deeper
  • Training of your Subtle Senses
  • Supporting Groups
  • ...



Usually translated as "Universal Life Force" or "Spiritual Life Energy". A non-polar force that ensures that life processes are promoted, exactly: the interaction of Yin and Yang (female and male).

Everybody knows Reiki, everybody has Reiki. Reiki is part of nature itself.

Without Reiki, there would be no life, so we'd all be non-existent. However, Reiki is "dripping" within most people. If we make Reiki flow again, vitality increases. This can happen through the transfer of Reiki by another person - or you can learn it yourself!

Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow Reiki® is a protected trademark. A vibrant system of pragmatic energy work, which makes immediate success very easy even for beginners. It takes Reiki to the next level, to the 21st century. Decades of Reiki research, collaboration with leading international Reiki teachers, tens of thousands of documented experiences and licensed quality standards make Rainbow Reiki® a trustworthy brand.


When used correctly, Reiki can improve almost any physical or mental condition. Of course you can test all Rainbow Reiki® offers before you decide to learn this tool yourself. 

Test it first

Do you have any questions or want to test it? Once a month I offer a free information and experience evening, in each case 18.00-18.45 o'clock. Feel free to come. Or email me your question.

Is Reiki the same as Rainbow Reiki®

Reiki is, was and always will be Reiki, but there are some significant differences between mainstream Usui-Reiki and Rainbow Reiki®:

  • Rainbow Reiki teachers have studied for at least 24 months for 100s of hour,s and they have passed an exam.

  • Training standards are the same throughout Europe

  • Rainbow Reiki makes it easy to treat even large groups with Reiki

  • Even beginners can perform complex healings immediately

  • 95% more information provided and possibilities to use right away, compared to mainstream Reiki courses

  • Guaranteed success through unique standardised spiritual Rainbow Reiki attunements - even when you are tired, ill or unconcentrated  

  • Advanced Rainbow Reiki Techniques and Methods - Solutions to complex 21st century problems

  • Licensed standard stands for verifiable quality

  • Rainbow Reiki® is a protected trademark


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