Rainbow Reiki® 1st Degree (English, Online)

Rainbow Reiki® will open new horizons for you! Energetic healing, effortlessly and with your own hands and mind. Do it for yourself, for others or even for large groups! Simply by laying on your hands and letting Reiki flow. Or by applying another one of numerous Rainbow Reiki® techniques, a number of which are proprietary. By transfering Reiki to somebody else, you do not lose your own energy. On the contrary: You will even become more vital and relaxed. Reiki (= Universal Life Force) promotes liveliness on all levels and the body's capacity to heal and reorganize itself. 

Deep relaxation, immune stimulation, vitalization, emotion release, spiritual growth, easing of afflictions of all kinds... 
There are many awesome tools in the Rainbow Reiki® toolbox. 


  • Initiation 1st degree traditional Usui Reiki
  • Initiation 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®
  • Initiation and use of the Medicine Buddha Mantra
  • The 17 positions of the whole-body treatment
  • Chakra Basics
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Quick-Fix: Systematic Chakra work
  • Marayana Sayi® The 20-minute-power treatment and regenerative cycle "Kiss of the Great Goddess"
  • Marayana Sayi® 109 Healing Mantras for all organs and other structures of the body
  • Marayana Sayi® Group treatment for 1, 10, 100 persons
  • Marayana Sayi® Aura treatment
  • Marayana Sayi® Aura distant treatment
  • Marayana Sayi® Makro Method for saving complex treatment regimens to the "Rainbow Cloud" 
  • Marayana Sayi®  for humans, animal friends or plants
  • Shalaya Sayi: Technique for integrating split-off part personalities
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Healthy Lifestyle, water, vitamins 
  • Power Songs & Crystals
  • Homoeopathic Touch
  • Cloud Hand Technique


  • FRI  + SAT + SUN 3 PM - 8 PM
  • There will be small breaks


  • 395€ (incl VAT)
  • Comprehensive manual (PDF)
  • Certificate
  • Repeater fee 130€ (incl VAT)


  • My ZOOM classroom
  • You will receive a link upon signing up
  • Computer with good web access and webcam with mic required

Further courses:

  • Rainbow Reiki® 2nd Degree  
  • Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner Astral Travel & Energetic Acupuncture 
  • Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner Feng Shui Healing & Magic Crystal
  • Rainbow Reiki® Clearing  
  • Rainbow Reiki® A.M.H. 
  • Rainbow Reiki® Professional Career Trainings

Webinar is bilingual (English / German). All questions welcome!

Information and knowledge conveyed in this seminar do not replace medical diagnosis or therapy by a state-approved physician.


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