Here you can read more about different ways to earn money with Rainbow Reiki® in a meaningful way.

A holistic view is very important in Rainbow Reiki® – acting to the best of the whole. This means that it makes sense to look for solutions that are good for everyone involved – and for you, too!

What good is a job that makes you sick, a job your body & soul actually reject? If you want to make the world a better place and are looking for ideas to do so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In Germany, the title “healer” is not legally protected and free to use.

In terms of content, “healer” can mean a lot of different things. What’s your definition?

In any case, we have more so-called “civilization diseases” in industrialized countries than ever before. So many people are grateful to be helped, to have pain relieved and blockages removed, anxiety alleviated and sleep improved.

Whether you use your hands for pure wellness relaxation or spiritual miracle healing, it is a very rewarding profession from which you can make a good living!

This is the secret of flexibility: There are people who combine their previous professional and life experiences and elevate them into a 100% new profession!

When we bring Rainbow Reiki® into the mix as a special ingredient, unimagined creative possibilities arise:

For example, would you prefer to book this or a “normal” service?

  • Energetic Hairdresser with extra relaxation, because Reiki flows out of his / her hands
  • Wellness-Taxi, ride and arrive more relaxed
  • Spiritual Landscape Design with Feng Shui
  • Relaxation Photographer for truly radiant photos of your best self
  • Holistic Financial Consulting with sensitivity and tuned in to a higher meaning
  • Soul-Florist Healing Bouquet of Flowers-Mandalas
  • Spiritual Animal Care coming with extra energetic healing
  • Energetic Cleaning Lady for holistically cleaned space
  • Power Cook Food with an Energy-Kick

With Rainbow Reiki® you can energetically “upgrade” any profession. Appeal to the clientele that really suits you and appreciates your talents!

I want you to come into your power. I want many people to get into their power!

I’m happy to “jump-start” or assist with “setting the course,” but in the long run, being able to help yourself is an excellent idea. Rainbow Reiki® seminars are tools of help / self-help.

When you walk the path of Rainbow Reiki® Teacher, you earn money by helping others help themselves.

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Everyone develops “happiness blocks” of some sort. That’s part of our “upbringing”. Prejudices against mone and limitating belief patterns and the like.

Sadly, it’s just the way it is. But it’s also good news, because it means we can “re-educate” ourselves.

By taking responsibility for our self-liberation and releasing the shackles of the past with Rainbow Reiki® methods, our life energy can unfold again.

By forgiving ourselves and healing our prejudices against the world, success and wealth can come more and more to us – and flow from us to others!

If you already have a business or are in charge of others’ businesses, they can be directly supported with Rainbow Reiki® methods.

Spiritual energy work always works together with life. Finding and removing blockages – in the business owner himself or in the business – and promoting the flow brings vitality.

The more a business is aligned to the universe in ameaningful way, the more it can also count on “lucky coincidences” and support “from above”.

You don’t want to do healing or work as a teacher? No problem.

For example, you can also earn money by promoting the Rainbow Reiki® seminars and trainings of others, for example of me.

Maybe you enjoy promoting something meaningful and earning a good commission in the process? Relaxed collaboration can be so much fun!

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