Rainbow Reiki®

Spiritual Energy Work of the 21st Century

“Spiritual Healing is your birthright!”
(Dan Mor)


21 facts about
Rainbow Reiki®


Rainbow Reiki® as a school was founded by Walter Lübeck in the late 1980s.


I myself, Dan Mor, have been studying Rainbow Reiki® since 2001.


With Rainbow Reiki® it is easy to take care of yourself, others and even large groups.


Rainbow Reiki® is backed by more than 30 years of worldwide Reiki research.


Rainbow Reiki® is present in 33 countries on 5 continents.


Rainbow Reiki® includes all the teachings and initiations of Mikao Usui, who made Reiki viable again as a path for the world about 100 years ago.


Rainbow Reiki® offers you about 95% more possibilities of Reiki healing than all other Reiki schools.


Even with only the 1st degree of Rainbow Reiki® you can easily do super-effective distant Reiki sessions.


Rainbow Reiki® allows you to provide even large groups effortlessly – and over any distance – with tons of Reiki.


The special Rainbow Reiki® treatment “Kiss of the Great Goddess” has already been applied more than 10 million times worldwide, both privately and professionally.


The simplest summary of the most important values in Rainbow Reiki® would be: Development of personal responsibility, capacity for love and consciousness.


Methods for energetic harmonization of allergies – physical and psychological – are standard in Rainbow Reiki®. See 2nd degree.


In Rainbow Reiki®, the Medicine Buddha – a benevolent being of light – plays an important role: as a wise teacher, a healing helper and a friend who understands fun.


Dragon, phoenix, serpent, tiger and turtle are known from Chinese Feng Shui, but also play an important role in Rainbow Reiki®.


Vocational Trainings in Rainbow Reiki®: Do what brings you the most joy, with the people you care about, for the highest good of all!


In Rainbow Reiki® there are more than 30 different seminars, in which you will learn to use Reiki in a healing way in all areas of your life.


An important Rainbow Reiki® maxim: “Safety first”. There are a number of standard methods for quick help with healing crises.


Miracles are part of life. We can learn to bring them forward. In Rainbow Reiki® there is a special healing meditation for this, the Kurama-Mountain Meditation.


The oldest pictogram for Reiki shows a female shaman at work. In Rainbow Reiki® we honor the shamanic roots of Reiki in theory & practice.


Rainbow Reiki® has a method that deals exclusively with the straightening of the spine and harmonization of the musculoskeletal system.


In Rainbow Reiki® there are several effective methods for the healing of problematic karma. Healing your past…